Parking at Oslo Rygge airport

At Oslo Rygge airport you park at the airport- always closest to your flight.

We offer both short- and long- term parking and the parking is open 24 hours a day. We can always guarantee available spaces throughout the year. Please notice- P12 zone is closed for parking during winter period. 

Oslo Rygge Airport offers you the following parking options:
P1  Short stay parking (outdoor)  Maks time: 30 min
P10 Short stay parking garage   Maks time: 3 days
P11/P12 Long stay parking, garage and outdoor

Please note: P12 (outdoor) is closed during winter period. 
 Maks time: 6 weeks
P3 Short stay parking (outdoor)  Maks time: 3 days

Please note!   P1
has limited number of parking spaces. For Meet & Greet parking we recommend you to use P10 - a simpler and more cost efficent option!


P- area Period Rates Max time
 P1  15 min  NOK       20  30 min
 P3/ P10  Per hour  (min.rate NOK 10)  NOK       30  3 days
 P3/ P10  1 day  NOK    220  3 days
 P11/12 Per hour  NOK      30   6 weeks
 P11/12  1 day  NOK    155  6 weeks
 P11/12  1 week  NOK     645  6 weeks
 P11/12  2 weeks  NOK     895  6 weeks
 P11/12  3 weeks  NOK  1 250  6 weeks
  Following weeks NOK 355,- per week

  NB! P12 (outdoor parking) is closed during the winter season. please contact Time Park customer service in P11 to be directed to a parking if P12 is closed. P12 will open for the season 10th April 2015  


Parkering garage P11

The Parking garage P11 is easy, comfortable and effective to use. Electronic signposts by the entrance to the parking garage show the current number of spaces available on each floor. Maximum hight for cars is 220 cm. Taller vechiles needs to park at zone P12. Please contact Time Park customer cervice for directions.

Outdoor parking P12

The p- zone P12 offers outdoor parking. It is the first parking zone to the left when you arrive at the airport premises. The price is the same for parking garage and outdoor parking. 

Short term parking zone  P3 and P10

If you are meeting or greeting passengers we recommend you to consider parking in P3 or P10, convenient parking zones very close to the terminal building. 

Methods of payment zone P 11 and P12

You can pay by credit card (Eurocard, VISA, Mastercard, Diners or American Express) upon entry and exit. You can also obtain a ticket when entering the parking garage/ area and pay at the machines provided in parking zone P11 BEFORE you go to your car.


Methods of payment zone P3 and P10

You are asked to obtain a ticket from the parking machine and you can pay by creditcard or by coins.


Opening hours

The parking garage is attended 24 hours a day and operated by Timepark. It is not possible to pre- order parking at the airport. All parking is at owner's risk.


High season

During high season (15.June-15.August) there is a lot of travellers looking for parking spaces. At times we have personnel present to guide you, but we encourage travelers to appreciate extra good time to get a good start of the journey.

Car rental returns

Rental cars return is in P11. Follow signs "Rental car return" to the parking zone.


Disabled parking

P10 has reserved 3 parking spaces for the disabled and P11 has reserved 2 parking spaces. Parking is free for a period of three days. After three days of free parking, the tariffs listed above are applied. A maximum 30 days of parking is allowed and you need to obtain a ticket.


Electric cars

For those with electrical cars we offer a limitied number of spaces for charging. Charging is free at Moss airport Rygge and unfortunately you cannot book these in advance.

Zone P10:
At zone P10 there is two spaces reserved for those with electric cars in need of charging.  Parking is free for a period of three days in zone P10. After three days of free parking, the tariffs listed above are applied. A maximum 30 days of parking is allowed and you need to obtain a ticket. 

Zone P11:
At zone P11, 2nd Floor, there is 3 spaces reserved for those in need for charging (10 AMP). The parking fees are the same as for regular vehicles. Max. parking time is 6 weeks. 

In the airports sorrundings you can find a lot of places to charge your electric vehicle. Please look to this map from the Norwegian EV association: (in Norwegian only- eksternal link) Map 


Information/ Complaints

Operation of parking and enforcement is carried out by the company Time Park AS.


Contact details:

Time Park representatives at Oslo Rygge airport :

Tlf.: (+47) 40 63 39 21 - 24H service


Time Park AS, headquarters:
Visitor address: Storgt. 22, N-0184 Oslo
Post address: Postbox 489 Sentrum, N-0105 Oslo
Phone  : (+47) 23 08 01 99  Mon- Fri 08:00AM- 12:00AM and 1:00PM- 4:00 PM
Fax no: (+47) 23 08 02 99 
E- mail:


Please use this e-mail address for complaints: