Information about travelling with children

Assistance service for children travelling alone (UM)

The airlines have different rules for children who will be travelling alone. 

Find out more: Norwegians airline rules

Ryanair does not carry unaccompanied minors under 16 years. Find out more: Ryanair 

Charter operators have different rules. Please visit the operators homepage to find out more. 

Protection for strollers and safety belt for infants

Oslo Rygge Airport provides the opportunity to rent protection to your stroller (Stokke Pram pack) and a safety belt for infants  (FlyeBaby).  Pre- book products and  check rates with: 

Find out more: Barn ombord  (in Norwegian only. English speeking customer: please send a request by email).

Pre-booked products is to be collected at Oslo Rygge airport upon departure. Easy!

ID documents for persons under the age of 18

Norwegian police recommends all passengers to bring valid passport or other approved identification when you travel to any destination. The police reccomends you to bring authorization if you are travelling with children with another surname than yourselves. Some airline will only accept passport as only valid ID document.

Find out more: Norwegian police travel documents