Rygge sivile lufthavn AS (RSL)

Rygge sivile lufthavn AS (RSL) - in English: Rygge Civil Airport - is a privately owned company established in 1999.

This company was established in order to develop, plan, construct, and operate the civilian airport at Rygge. RSL and it's staff aim to run the airport with a focus on the environment and passenger safety. 

The company is owned by 
Thon Holding AS (40%),  Orkla Eiendom AS (40%), Østfold Energi AS (15%) and Østfold County Municipality (5%).


Contact us:
Switchboard: +47 69 23 00 00
Email: post@ryg.no
Address: Terminalveien 100
N- 1580 Rygge


The Norwegian Government decided 13th May 2016 to introduce a new passenger tax valid from 1st June 2016.

We deeply regret the decision.


Rygge, 28 June 2016

Pål F. Tandberg